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Publication, Reports & Documents

Annual Report 2022/23

All BGC Wales activities for the period from 2022 to 2023

15 November 2023

It's What We Do (bite-sized)

A summary of BGC Wales offers

1 August 2023

Safeguarding Our Young People - Handbook

Safeguarding Our Young People is an Erasmus+ funded project with partner organisations from Wales, Germany, Croatia and Spain who are working to share best practice, skills and knowledge surrounding safeguarding young people and disseminate this to the wider community.

30 April 2023

Warm Bank

National Grid Electricity Distribution (South Wales) plc and their Community Matters fund. As part of our Warm Banks Project, we are helping with small one-off grants of £500 for our affiliated clubs who run their youth clubs at their own building and/or are responsible for paying their electricity and gas bills.

31 March 2023

World Cup Project Report

A report summarising the journey of our World Cup project - Inspiring A Generation in Nov 2023 funded by the Welsh Government.

31 March 2023

Annual Report 2021/22

All BGC Wales activities for the period from 2021 to 2022

31 December 2022

The Latest News Issue 7

All BGC Wales activities for the period from 2020 to 2021

31 December 2021

The Latest News Issue 6

All BGC Wales activities (Autumn 2019)

31 October 2020

The Latest News Issue 5

All BGC Wales activities (Autumn 2016)

31 October 2016

The Latest News Issue 4

All BGC Wales activities (October 2015)

31 October 2015

The Latest News Issue 3

All BGC Wales activities (January 2015)

31 January 2015

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