What are we doing?


For more than 85 years Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Wales have been delivering youth work and our work is focused on the cooperation with our 170 member clubs. One of the most important things for us is to keep the youth work in our organisation and in our member clubs at a high quality level and that we are able to actively influence current youth work policies.


We are undertaking various projects and training to enable our members to have as many opportunities as possible to help them gaining new experiences and developing new skills and to improve our member clubs further. Some of our projects are taking place in cooperation with different partners. Click here to find out which projects we are currently offering.


Sports have been an important part of Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Wales for over 80 years and we are still using it as a way to develop young people to help them to gain new experiences, self-confidence, motivation and communication skills. We are still involved in numerous different sports, many of which are competition based and offer the chance to take part in international tournaments.