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The 100 Mile Canoe Test

The 100 mile canoe test is a personal challenge, not a race. Participants call on their skill, determination and stamina to achieve the 100-mile target over four days of paddling on the River Severn or River Wye. BGC Wales takes a group of young people on the canoe test to paddle alongside young people from other youth organisations across England and Wales.


In 2023 BGC Wales will be taking part in the canoe test once again, with young people from across Wales taking part in this great opportunity. Funding from Taith will support our participation in the 100 mile canoe test in 2023. If you would like more information please contact Ethan at

The BGC Wales 100 mile canoe test participants in 2017.

The Canoe Test is organised by Soar Paddler and Paddle Plus in association with the National Association of Boys' and Girls' Clubs (NABGC) and British Canoeing.

Completing the canoe test brings a sense of personal fulfilment that will remain with the individual for life. The event is an extended opportunity to undertake quality youth work with a group of young people as they push themselves to complete the canoe test, which is a real challenge.


Applications are now open for young people to go on the 100 Mile Canoe Test in 2023!

Please follow the link below or scan the QR Code in the poster to apply:

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