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BGC Wales vs BGC Scotland

The two friends met again in July 2022 for the first time after the pandemic. We reconnected and created new friendship among all of us and great memories to remember between the two countries. For more actions please visit us on Twitter @BGCWales and @BGCScotland.

The Girls at Falkirk Stadium, Scotland on 24th July 2022
BGC Scotland U15s 4-1 BGC Wales U15s
BGC Scotland U17s 3-1 BGC Wales U17s

The Boys at Marston's Stadium, Wales on 31st July 2022
BGC Wales U15s 4-2 BGC Scotland U15s
BGC Wales U17s 4-0 BGC Scotland U17s
BGC Wales U19s 1-3 BGC Scotland U19s

All players played fantastically and had great time and experience. We thank all the coaches for their hard work and parents for their support.

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