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Safeguarding Our Young People

WALES (January 2023)

In January 2023, Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Wales were delighted to have been able to host twenty-six youth workers from across Europe (primarily Wales, Germany, Croatia and Spain) at the Lodge in Bettws, Bridgend, in order to share best practice, policy and procedure regarding the safeguarding of young people in Wales and to finally disseminate our long-awaited Safeguarding Best Practice Handbook and complementary E-Learning. We are so thankful to have had this project received so positively by statutory and non-statutory organisations across Europe but particularly to those in Wales who engaged with our event. 

Youth Work Practitioners from across Europe came together to share knowledge acquired throughout this project and from their own experiences with each other and to have open and honest conversations surrounding the betterment of safeguarding practice - particularly regarding voluntary organisations  - when working with young people on both domestic and international projects.


Thanks to excellent buy-in from the sector and local organisations here in Wales we were able to demonstrate the current good practice as well as open the discussion for the adaptation of new approaches to safeguarding young people in an ever-changing youth work environment. 

We are so grateful to the organisations and professionals who engaged with us throughout the project such as:

  • Education Workforce Council & Andrew Borsden MBE - Safeguarding in the Youth Work Quality Mark

  • Adult Learning Wales & Robert Burton - Safeguarding in Youth Work Qualifications

  • Bridgend Council's Mayor Martyn Jones & Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub - Collaborative safeguarding

  • Sarah Collier - Statutory safeguarding

  • StreetGames - Safeguarding in a sports based setting

  • STEER Enterprise Academy - Safeguarding in an alternative education based setting

Once more a huge thank you to our partners and funders for their continued support. 

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