Sports has been an important part of Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales for over 80 years and we are still using it as a way to develop young people. Being frequently active in sports enables young people to gain new experiences, self-confidence, motivation and valuable communication skills. The organisation is grateful for the volunteer support in all the sports that we undertake and without such support young people would not be able to gain these opportunities. We are involved in numerous different sports of whom many are competition based whilst many others are used to enhance young people’s development. Please see below more detailed information about the sports we are involved in most.


Our Rugby section consists of the two teams Under 16 and Youth. During trials, the best Rugby players from all our member clubs are chosen to represent Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales at international tournaments, including an away match in Belgium. Many successful Welsh Rugby players such as Morgan Stoddart and Richard Hibbard have played for the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales before starting their successful professional careers.


Our Football section is split into Girls’ and Boys’ teams. The representative football squads are chosen during trials from all our member clubs just like the Rugby teams.


Our Girls’ team is travelling to Northern Ireland every year to take part in the Rose Bowl Championship. Our Boys’ team is competing in the age groups Under 14, 16 and 18.  All age groups are frequently taking part in the historic fixture against the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Scotland. Additionally, the Under 14’s team is travelling regularly to a tournament in Cork whilst our Under 16’s team is playing in the “Four Nations” and the Under 18’s squad is representing Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales at the annual TSV Eltingen International Championship in Germany. During the past 60 years in which our organisation has supported football in its member clubs, many football players have started professional careers after representing Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales. These include Brian Flynn, Alan Curtis and John Hartson.

Cross Country and Athletics

Another important sport in our organisation is the Cross Country and Athletics section in which we are engaged for over 50 years now. Every summer Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales is hosting a major Athletic competition, the Clubs for Young People Championship which is UK wide.


Boxing is a traditional sport in the Boys’ Clubs since the early beginnings. It is a fantastic sport to engage young people in a worthwhile activity and many of the Wales World Champions have started their career in one of our affiliated clubs. The World Champins Nathan Cleverley and Joe Calzaghe have both represented Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Wales at the British Championships.