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USA Best Practice 2023

We were really excited for this opportunity. The BGC Wales team left for America at the end of April 2023, and were looking forward to our time there. The BGC Wales team consists of 2 Staff, 2 trustee members, 2 club leaders and volunteers from within our BGC Wales Network.

The team went on this visit in order to:

  • Network and build connections with Boys and Girls Club of America in order to work with them in future projects

  • Learn about the delivery of youth work in America 

  • To support our BGC Wales network of clubs gain a practical understanding of how a Taith project works. 


It was great to build on our connections from last year and make new contacts for future projects! 


The team visited BGC America in Orlando. Our time in America was a resounding success, leaving a profound impact on our team. One of the standout moments of our trip was the opportunity to visit BGC America clubs and witness the incredible youth work happening there. The state-of-the-art facilities and the remarkable opportunities they provide for young people left us deeply impressed and inspired.

Building on the valuable connections we made in America, we are actively collaborating to provide more opportunities for leaders, volunteers, and young people within our BGC Wales Network. Watch this space!!!

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