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Volunteering Wales

BGC Wales is currently running the Volunteering Wales Project, which aims to improve young people's lives through engaging them in the project. Young people are able to volunteer at local clubs that affiliate to BGC Wales. 


There are three volunteering roles available: 


1. Community Sports Volunteer - volunteers will be able to provide safe and effective sports sessions, games and activities in a 'support role' within the club. 

Children Painting Wall

If you are interested or would like more information about the project please contact

Heart & Hands

2. Youth Work Volunteer - this will include the volunteers taking on general youth work volunteering duties, such as, tuck shop. The role will also include planning and designing club activities. 


3. Climate Change Volunteer - these volunteers will support the implementation of any changes that may be required at the club. 

Volunteers are required to be between the ages of 11 and 25, also for those who are 16 and over a DBS check will be required. There are also multiple opportunities volunteers will be able to take part in, for example, the Level 2 Sports Leadership Award and the Junior Youth Group Leadership award. 


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