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Youth Forum


A group of young people from BGC Wales had a fantastic opportunity to visit the UK Parliament in Westminster and enjoy a workshop delivered by the Education Team there! Now they know more about the place where MPs represent us all.

We are looking to increase the size and scope of the Youth Forum, so their views can feed into our planned projects and youth exchanges in the future. If there are young people at your club who might be interested in getting involved, please get in touch with Jayne Tanti at

We are delighted to hear that we have been chosen as the runner up of the UK Parliament Week Champion of the Year Award. On 25th March 2024 young people and youth workers from Boys' and Girls' Clubs of Wales will be visiting the Houses of Parliament to attend the award ceremony which is hosted by Mr Speaker and The Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP.

Democratic Engagement Project (2023-2025)

A 2-year project empowers young people to voice their concerns for their communities. We welcomed Jayne Tanti who has taken up the role as our Youth Participation Officer in September 2023. Jayne is currently working with the young people from our Youth Forum and recruiting more young representatives by visiting member clubs. The aim of this project is to build on the successful Raise Your Voice model, make grants available to commission young people to create or facilitate youth-led democracy events or workshops, and digital content for the Raise Your Voice website. 4 digital workshops per year would be run by Swansea MAD, as well as professional support from Deryn. Raise Your Voice was our award winning project in 2022, which encouraged young people and their peers to vote in the Senedd Election in 2021. For more information, please contact Jayne at

Pizza & Politics (2022)

From February 2022 to May 2022, our partner Swansea MAD worked with young people to create and share content about the things that matter to them. This content was then shared via the Raise Your Voice website and social media outlets, while BGC Wales ran Pizza and Politics sessions in the lead-up to local elections in affiliated clubs. These sessions were designed to help give young people a flavour of what politics is all about at a local level and to encourage debate about the issues that are important to them in their community.


We aim to continue to make young people part of the political process to enable them to shape their future and the future of the Wales the country they live in.

Talking about politics with young people is ‘Easy Cheesy’


Pizza and Politics sessions took place in the run up to the local elections that were held on 5th May 2022. Our project staff visited 20 affiliated clubs and worked with almost 450 young people across the BGC Wales network to deliver the Pizza & Politics sessions.


The project was a direct continuation of our Raise Your Voice campaign which helped young people to explore matters that were important to them and how the political landscape could impact on those things. If you’d like more information then please visit RaiseYourVoice.Wales or CodaDyLais.Cymru

Raise Your Voice (2021)

We are incredibly proud to have won a Youth Work Excellence Award 2021 in the category of Demonstrating Excellence in Partnership Planning and Delivery at the national level along with our partners Swansea MAD and Deryn for the Raise Your Voice Project. The Welsh Government funded project was focused first on the 2021 Senedd Elections and then set its sights on the 2022 local elections. The aim was to get young people in Wales talking about politics and how it affects their lives and the things they care about.

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